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With the project "Hiring of Highly Qualified Human Resources for FhP-AWAM" the center strengthens its staff with Highly Qualified Human Resources, which will support its strategic agenda of scientific research of excellence, innovation, valorization, and transfer of technology and knowledge.


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The project INICIO will enable the implementation and operationalization of Fraunhofer Portugal AWAM’s branch in Vila Real. The new centre will focus on the development and application of new process technologies coupled with comprehensive data analysis and modelling to close regional loops of nutrients, water and energy.


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METHAREN aims to demonstrate a cost-effective, innovative, more sustainable and circular biomethane production system enabling renewable energy sources’ intermittency management.


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Increase the competitiveness and resilience of the vitivinicultural sector intervening in 3 key areas of competitiveness - Sustainability; Automation, Innovation and productive efficiency; and New processes and products.


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