Hiring of Highly Qualified Human Resources



Associação Fraunhofer Portugal Research is a private non-profit institution of public interest. Our mission is to develop applied research for public and private institutions and for the benefit of society, in close cooperation with the industrial and scientific fabrics. The Fraunhofer Portugal Research Center for Smart Agriculture and Water Management - FhP-AWAM, is one of the two centers of the Association.

With the project "Hiring of Highly Qualified Human Resources for FhP-AWAM" the center strengthens its staff with Highly Qualified Human Resources, which will support its strategic agenda of scientific research of excellence, innovation, valorization, and transfer of technology and knowledge.

The team of FhP-AWAM is distributed along three main research lines that aim to close circles of nutrients, water, and energy, hence contributing to a more sustainable environment. In addition, these research lines reflect the innovation strategy focused on scientific excellence, valorization and technology transfer, and openness to society and growth. The strategy developed is based on the following areas of innovation:

> Sustainable Crop Production

> Water Treatment

> Bioenergy


These innovation areas oriented to precision agriculture and water management will be complemented by FhP-AICOS' competences in Digital Farming to support our partners in responding to the current societal challenges and simultaneously generate added-value solutions based on the pillars of sustainability and digitalization.

The hiring of Highly Qualified Human Resources is directed at the scientific team of FhP-AWAM and has the objective of responding to specific problems of companies. The core competencies of the hired profiles will support the achievement of the envisaged results, preparing FhP-AWAM to react to concrete research, innovation, and development requirements of client companies, with a direct impact on their competitiveness.

Furthermore, this project promotes strengthening the competitiveness of least densely populated territories - as in the case of Vila Real - encouraging the settlement of highly qualified human resources and, consequently, business innovation in this region.

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