Scan of a phosphor-coated bottle for an inline dose read-out.

Automated dosimetry system


Sterilization treatment of products by means of ionizing radiation (electron beam, x-ray, gamma) plays an essential role in health- and security-related technologies. Here, it is crucial to assess the radiation dose absorbed, in order to ensure the sterilization treatment has been carried out according to the specifications. Fraunhofer Portugal AWAM offers a dosimetry system based on radiation-sensitive ceramic phosphors. These particles are inert and of micrometer size, allowing for application inside and directly on the surface of the products. This technology allows for:


> Individual dosimetry applications from 0D to 3D (e.g. monitoring the sterilization process of pharmaceutical products, packaging, fruits, vegetables, etc.);

> Dose mapping on complex (3D) surfaces;

> Improvement in spatial resolution in comparison to state-of-the-art dosimetry systems, especially for 3D products;

> Depth profiling inside of the product.