Trace Substances Monitoring

Automated online measurement unit for monitoring the 4th treatment stage (ozonation and active carbon treatment) in wastewater treatment plants.

Online monitoring of trace substances in liquids


The broad usage of pharmaceuticals, hormones and pesticides in the last decades has increased concerns on their long-term impact on human and environmental health. Furthermore, the inability of current wastewater treatments to effectively eliminate these trace substances contributes to their increasing levels in surface and drinking waters. Fraunhofer Portugal AWAM presents a novel optical biosensor for real-time detection of pollutants in low concentration ranges (µg/L).


> Laboratory prototype for diclofenac detection in concentrations ranging from 0.1 to 10 µg/L;

> Detection of other contaminants can be tailored according to demand;

> Automated online measurement unit for process monitoring;

> Application areas: process monitoring in wastewater treatment plants, quality assurance (monitoring maximum allowed concentrations of trace substances in milk, wine, oil, etc.).